INVITED REVIEW: Family time in Andalus Al Seef Resort & Spa


Andalus Al Seef Resort & Spa is located in Ministries Complex area just right after Al Seef Village Mall in Abu Dhabi. Andalus just recently opened and celebrated their 1 year this March. Its concept is entirely different from a usual resort, when you will normally think of a pool and beach only and it’s not. You’ll find out why.


They have a spacious lounge area on the reception and mostly in white interior and while checking-in you’ll be offered an arabic coffee called qahwah (Emirates ID for UAE residents and passports for tourists needed to check-in).

The types of room they have here ranges from a Studio, 1 bedroom suite, 2 bedroom suite to 3 bedroom suite. They are categorized by blocked alphabetically.

This place is like a small community. Why? Because once you stepped right in after the reception area, you’ll see the restaurants, cafes, spa, salon…

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